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Things to do in Dieppe and Normandy

Dieppe is situated in the North West Region of France, in Upper Normandy.

Walking around Dieppe.

This small town that started off in Medieval times as a little fishing village, has maintained its original charm while developing into a modern town full of beautiful buildings. Visitors to this town will enjoy a simple walk around the old town, among the Medieval buildings, and down its port up to the castle.

Sports, water and cliffs around Dieppe

As in any good seaside resort, in Dieppe you will be able to enjoy swimming in its beach and sunbathing. There are also companies that offer fishing experiences and boat trips around the coast, as well as boat rental.

If you are a bit more daring and enjoy more of a thrill then you can try your luck with jumping off a plane, with a parachute of course or some other gentler activity like tennis or karting.

Dieppe also has a golf course with 18 holes situated at the top of the cliffs, something of an impressive view.

Sights around Dieppe

If you enjoy history and old buildings, Dieppe is a quaint little town with lots to offer. There is the Porte des Tourelles, the only gate left from the ancient town walls. The Eglise de Saint-Jacques, or St James’ Church is a wonderful Gothic building dating back to 12th-16th centuries.

The 14th century castle is home to the Museum of Maritime life.

Enjoying the local cuisine

Normandy is famous for its natural wealth, its rolling hills and lush countryside can only yield great produce for your table.

Legendary is the sole à la crème from Dieppe. Normandy is renowned for its fish and seafood, as well as its apple orchard and all the products made from these apples like desserts, pies, tartes and last but not least, its wonderful cider.

Etretat. Stroll and the excursions

For cliffs, you have the choice, the Upstream or the Downstream! Us, one also likes both, but to benefit fully from cliffs and to take beautiful photographs without against days, we advise you to go up on cliff of Upstream the morning and on the Downstream the afternoon. Caution! To go close to the edge of cliffs are connected with the play of the Russian roulette! The crumblings are frequent and the ground is far from stable. The staircases cut in cliff, the tunnels and other passages are often in bad condition and not always accessible according to the tides and heights’ from rollers. The discovered rocks with low tide are very slipping and cutting. On cliff, the wind blows more extremely than downtown. For a pleasant walk, you provide with the schedule of the tides (available on paper to the tourist bureau, posted on the beach or with the bond of right-hand side), of good shoes and a wind-cutter. Do not take useless risks at the edge of cliffs, remain on the ways, are very careful with your children and hold your dog leaves some. Lastly, respect nature, do not throw anything and do not disturb the birds. (the seagulls can be aggressive when they brood on the rollers or the edges of cliff).

Etretat. Le Tréport

Welcome in Tréport, beads of the Alabaster Dimension, small seaside resort brood with the foot of highest chalk cliffs sharp of Europe. Ville of charm and of beauty, Tréport is an enchantment permanent! City of approximately 8000 inhabitants located has the limit of Seine-Maritime and of the sum, this small city fixed on the feet of cliffs offers a diversity of portuaires: fishing activities, trade, pleasure.

Classified seaside resort, Tréport is before all a whole city which lives at the rhythms of the sea, the tides, the boats, its port or more exactly of its ports. Small and large, come to offer a good bowl of iodized air.